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Newborn Family Session – Where to Photograph

April 3, 2022

Many families who inquire with me are about to welcome a new one into this world and are wanting some newborn family photos. I get asked a lot of questions on where to have the session, best time to do them, styling and more.  I want you to have the best and least stressful experience possible, so I’m going over all the best practices for planning your newborn family session.

Best Time for Your Newborn Session

I recommend inquiring families to schedule their newborn session when the baby is about 2-4 weeks old (preferably 2 weeks old). This is the perfect time as they are still very sleepy and tiny, but we also avoid that baby acne that is soon to come. If you are worried about the timing of your session in accordance with when the baby actually comes, I will do my best to accommodate a change in date if necessary. Be sure to schedule your newborn family session in advance however as I typically book up several months in advance.

Styling for Baby and the Family

For a newborn family session, especially an indoor one, I recommend outfits that pair neutral colors together. Whites, earthy tones and shades of brown work really well to keep the focus on the baby and add intimate warmth. Incorporating texture into your outfits adds to beautiful details as we do lots of closeups. I provide outfits for the baby and mom from my complimentary client wardrobe. I also provide simple props like swaddles, pillows, basket bassinet, and some blankets that we can play around with. 

Location, location, location!

My most-asked question surrounding newborn sessions is where to have them. There are several options available and it really depends on your own preferences. However, let’s talk about how to document a newborn session in each space.

In Your Home

My first recommendation typically is your home. I like photographing the newborn family session in-home as it can really capture your story and the new chapter of life you are in welcoming this new one into your lives. It is usually a very cozy and intimate feel that is hard to beat! It’s also a less-stressful environment for you as you already feel settled and comfortable in your home. I don’t want you to think you need a Pinterest-worthy home. I’ll ask you to send me pictures of rooms, walls, windows and sliding doors and I will determine how to best use the space. All we really need is a window and wall and we can create magic together.

Note - due to the pandemic, I always wear a mask out of concern for myself or others of the spread of the Coronavirus. I always suggest opening windows and having some fresh air come in and out while taking all precautions. If you do not feel comfortable doing an in-home session, we have outdoor options I can recommend too.

Indoor Studio

If you want the look of an indoor newborn family session and want beautiful, unique decor elements, there are lots of spaces we can rent in the Los Angeles area. This opens up more options for a themed shoot like a bohemian session, or a clean minimalist session as well.

Creative Space Within My Home

I have a small creative space I offer up for an in-home newborn session when necessary. This space is only suitable for 2 parents and the baby due to size but is a great example of how you really only need a window and a wall to make something beautiful. 

Outdoor Location

The last option I would recommend is an outdoor space. This is because we usually have only about an hour of soft light vs about two hours with an indoor session, and the session needs to take place at sunset or sunrise, which may interfere with the baby's schedule. It’s also not my first choice due to the environment (though beautiful) taking away from the baby and his or her precious features. I would, however, recommend this type of location if you have concerns of social distancing, or want the baby to be part of a story with more family members interacting at the session.

Let's Connect

If this is the first time you are hearing about my newborn family sessions, let me introduce myself. I’m Olesya – a storytelling family photographer serving the Los Angeles and Orange County area. I’m here to passionately document the love and joy you have for one another and unfold your unique story through artistic visuals. I do so through my experience sessions, and custom creative concept sessions. If you want to inquire further, let’s connect! I would love to be your go-to Los Angeles family newborn photographer.

See all the ways you can document your newborn session below!


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