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What an Experience Session Is All About

February 22, 2022

I believe that your photo session should be more than a photo session.  But a memorable experience for your family to enjoy together and look back upon fondly. What does that mean exactly?

What is an experience session? 

An experience session is a time for you and your loved ones to simply spend time together doing something you love. I believe the purest moments are captured when you are the most comfortable, and usually that is when you are doing an activity you all enjoy. It is a fun experience that you can look back on and remember how special it felt when you choose to document it. Your photos should take you back to that experience and bring you warm memories of that time together.

Together we will select the perfect location and plan your styling so that the photos of your experience will look amazing.

Why I created an experience session

My philosophy is that your photo session should not be a time to stand together in a location and execute a series of poses. Typically, those pictures are not able to capture the true essence of a family, or couple. As a visual storyteller, the emotional component of visual art is incredibly important and so I have done my best to create a space that best allows true emotion and your natural family interactions to shine - by having an experience together. 

What can you do in an experience session? 

Your experience session should reflect you and what you enjoy doing together. Many families in the Los Angeles and Orange County area will choose to explore a new beach or their favorite beach as a family. Playing in the sand and water is always fun for adults and kids alike. I use several beach locations that feel very private and have other interactive elements besides sand and water. Have the kids check out some tide pools, climb some easy rocks, and swing on beach swings and a jungle gym. If you like to get in the water, bring your surfboards and boogie boards and have some fun in the ocean! 

Other families choose to grab their dog and go on a hike along the coast, or take an easy hike through some fields and mountains. It’s a great way to see an amazing landscape and take in breathtaking nature. You can even enjoy a picnic with a beautiful view if you want! Some other ideas include exploring the downtown LA arts district together. You can walk through the city streets, and dance on some rooftops with an iconic skyline behind you! 

If you are looking to take a mini trip and head outside of Los Angeles, consider exploring a new destination like Joshua Tree, San Diego, Pismo Beach, Santa Barbara or Lake Arrowhead. That way you can look back and remember your family trip and how much fun you had exploring something new together. I can even document you where you are staying before we head to our adventure spot in order to tell the full story of your trip.

Other hobbies you can do together are camping, biking, roller blading, or horseback riding. If you don’t want to do something outdoors, we can also capture your favorite activity in the comfort of your own home. 

Who is it meant for?

An experience session is meant for anyone who is wanting an authentic photo session with real moments, authentic family connections and personalities documented. It’s for someone who wants candid moments to look back on. If you are someone who loves exploring, trying something new, or spending time doing fun activities, an experience session is for you. It is available to families with kids of all ages, expecting moms, couples and anyone else.

 How do I book an experience session? 

Reserve your experience session by first contacting me here. After that, we will discuss details and what you are looking for and see if we’re a good fit. Please note that I book several months in advance and I recommend reaching out as early as possible. Once the contract and deposit is made, we will begin planning your experience session and styling everyone. I am now booking for summer and fall of 2022 and would love to be your Los Angeles photographer!  Let’s work together to create a memorable experience that you can forever look back on! 


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