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Let’s Go To Joshua Tree

February 3, 2022

Joshua Tree is one of my favorite travel destinations! I love revisiting this national park and seeing the cool rocks and distinct desert trees.

As a Los Angeles area family photographer, I am always looking for excuses for a quick getaway and Joshua Tree is the perfect spot.

When I arrive, I feel like I’ve entered another planet! I mean, the warm desert sun, the white landscape…it truly doesn’t get more magical.

I will be traveling to Joshua Tree twice in  2022 and I don’t want you to miss out on the times I will be there! Here are the dates I am booking sessions and can be your Joshua Tree family photographer:

May 7, 2022 sunrise and sunset

December 3, 2022 sunset

December 4, 2022 sunset

The best times of year to photograph in Joshua Tree are spring or late fall when the weather is not too hot or too cold. I book my travel dates with that in mind so you (and I) are plenty comfortable for our session.

Sunset and sunrise are my favorite times of day to shoot in the park as we get the sun glowing across the desert landscape, it makes for the most gorgeous, warm setting to shoot in! I have traveled to Joshua Tree quite a few times, and know the park well, so we will always go to where there’s the best lighting at the time.

If you are based in southern California, Arizona, or Las Vegas, Joshua Tree is is an unforgettable location to explore together with your family for the weekend. The park is like a giant playground for adults and kids alike.

With that being said, I want your trip and photo session to go as smoothly as possible, so here are my top tips when traveling to Joshua Tree:

    1. Consider booking a cute bohemian or modern airbnb to enjoy while  you are visiting the park. We could even start your session there (if the location allows) to document your adventure.
    2. Best entrances to stay near will depend on where we shoot. The two entrances to the park: the West entrance and North or the TwentyNinePalms Entrance.
    3. You should plan to wear layers while styling your outfits (unless you’re staying in September or May, then plan to show skin!).
    4. Wear comfortable shoes for hiking and walking and (easy) rock climbing. You especially want to worry about this if you’re bringing little kids (don’t want the cacti to poke them).

If you are thinking of adventuring with your family to Joshua Tree National Park in 2022 and want to have this experience captured, let’s get in contact! You can fill out the inquiry form here, and let me know you are interested in a Joshua Tree session.


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