Hi there! I am so honored that you would consider a mentorship with me. I love helping other photographers learn and succeed in business. I am an open book and will tailor the mentorship to your individual needs.

At this time I am only mentoring photographers outside of Los Angeles / Orange County, and all the mentorships are virtual to protect the health and safety of my clients.

Cost: 1 hr of virtual mentorship $300

So what can I help you with? Below are some topics that I am passionate about.

For topics 1-4 I will talk through some of my galleries with you (of your or my choosing).

1. How to shoot a storytelling family session

  • 5 key techniques I use, including final presentation, to make this work
  • Skills you need to acquire outside of shooting family sessions and how to practice them

2. How to prompt and pose for emotion, connection and fun

  • My go to, hardly ever fail prompts for each age group
  • What to do if prompts fail
  • How I create a session plan to run the session and the role location plays in the outcome

3. How to rock a beach session

  • My strategies for running a beach session from beginning to end to use the light well
  • Cloudy day vs. Sunny days and how to shoot those differently
  • How to pick the best beach spots

4. Using golden hour light for it’s wow factor instead of shooting safely

  • How I pick locations for light
  • How I use different types of light in a session
  • Creative light techniques

5. Setting up your brand for success & marketing techniques to get clients

  • A discussion of your brand positioning and your target consumer
  • How to get clients from Instagram specifically (if that platform is right for your target consumer)

6. How I edit

  • I will share which presets I use and how/when I use them (depends on light, location and wardrobe), what adjustments I make and how I finetune in LR and Photoshop    
  • You can watch me edit a few images of mine and yours

Do you have another topic in mind? Get in touch and let’s chat! I can’t wait to get to know you and help your learning journey!


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