Orange county family photos. Behind the scenes with a Los Angeles family photographer at El Matador Beach

Photo credit: Amy Madson Photography



Hi there! I am so honored that you would consider a mentorship with me. I love helping other photographers learn, find inspiration, and succeed in business. I know I am SO grateful for the mentors I have had in my own journey that have brought me to where I am today. I am an open book and will tailor the mentorship to your individual needs.

Kind words

I had a mentoring call with Olesya which was really exciting for me because I love her work. She was very thorough in the questions she asked me and gave me very specific advice about my business. I loved how she shared some information with me that I had not heard anywhere before and she gave me some actions to go work on straight away. All in this was worth way more than the amount I paid for the call.

– Evelynne Gomez Greenberg Photography, Portland

Kind words

The business side of photography was always so overwhelming to me. There are so many things you have to consider and need to do. Olesya knew all my concerns from the questionnaire she sent me prior to the meeting. She walked me through each step of the way and answered all my questions from setting up your business to editing and marketing. She was an open book. I appreciate her sharing all her knowledge and experience with me!! Also, Olesya is one of the kind and sweet people you will meet.

– Maria Haven Photography, Forsyth County, GA

Kind words

I came to Olesya because I wanted to gain inspiration and knowledge for my family sessions. She is so friendly, laid back and open to sharing her experiences as a family photographer. Her energy and love for families is certainly demonstrated through her work. I enjoyed shadowing her throughout a family session….it was so much fun! Olesya, thank you so much for allowing me to experience a session with you.

– Amy Madson Photography, Thousand Oaks, CA


Mentorship options:

Model session

$1100 • 5-6 HOURS

Can be split with up to 3 people to shoot simultaneously. I will recruit and style models (we can work on that together if you would like) and we all conduct a 1.5hr session and shoot side by side. Everyone has opportunities to direct. The model family gets images from all of the participating photographers. We meet 1-2 hours before and 1-2 hour after the session to discuss. 

Come to my existing family session

$450 • 2 HOURS

This option is more for shadowing me shooting as I will be doing most of the directing. However you will have opportunities to shoot behind me as well. We will also spend time to recap the session after the shoot. If you can shoot some behind the scenes camera photos and phone videos for me, I will give you a $50 discount on the fee.

Online or in-person mentorship

$300 • 1 HOUR

I will completely tailor this to your needs!

Do you have a topic in mind for our mentorship? Below are some topics that I am passionate about.

1. How to shoot a storytelling family session

  • 5 key techniques I use, including final presentation, to make this work
  • Skills you need to acquire outside of shooting family sessions and how to practice them

2. How to prompt and pose for emotion, connection and fun

  • My go to, hardly ever fail prompts for each age group
  • What to do if prompts fail
  • How I create a session plan to run the session and the role location plays in the outcome

3. How to rock a beach session

  • My strategies for running a beach session from beginning to end to use the light well
  • How to use different light throughout your session. Cloudy day vs. Sunny days and how to shoot those differently
  • How to pick the best beach spots

4. Finding inspiration and infusing creativity into your work

  • Get back to be inspired to shoot each of your sessions! Find what fuels your soul
  • How to be more creative in your sessions, from how to prepare for the session to techniques you can practice
  • Attract clients with whom you can create the art that moves you!

5. Setting up your brand for success & marketing techniques to get clients

  • A discussion of your brand positioning and your target consumer
  • How to get clients from Instagram specifically (if that platform is right for your target consumer)

6. How I edit

  • I will share which presets I use and how/when I use them (depends on light, location and wardrobe), what adjustments I make and how I finetune in LR and Photoshop    
  • You can watch me edit a few images of mine and yours


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