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What My Custom Creative Concept Sessions Are All About

March 8, 2022

Most of the time my clients plan experience sessions with me. What many do not know is that I also offer creative concept sessions. This is perfect for the client who is gaining inspiration from events in their life, their passions, or wanting a session that perfectly captures who they are. Let’s dive into how a concept session works, and check out my most recent creative concept session in downtown LA. 

What is a custom creative concept session?

This is a photo session that will result in very unique art that is distinctly you. You have a lot more input into the creative idea - more than the usual choosing a location + styling that I offer in my experience sessions. A creative idea is at the core of this session and is vital in planning how to perfectly capture you. It will help me decide how to photograph the session in order to bring the idea and the vibe to life. 

Who is it for? 

This session is for clients who want to collaborate on the creative process with me. This is not for everyone, but rather for the person who has a strong idea of what the visual art should encapsulate. It’s also for someone who wants something very unique that is different from the usual style of sessions you see me do. 

I sometimes suggest creative idea sessions to past clients who I have gotten to know well and in that case the creative idea comes from me vs. from the client, but is always rooted in the client.. 

What does the planning process look like?

I would ask you to either describe what you envision - what kind of feeling or vibe do you want to see in your photos? eg: super romantic and soft? powerful and strong? edgy and cool? You can describe the vibe with words, or send me a Pinterest board to illustrate. 

Note: The Pinterest board is not for poses we are going to execute, but to help describe the feeling/vibe. The images don’t even have to be of people. The focus should be on light, textures, scenes, moods, colors, etc. This will become the launchpad for planning your location and styling. It’ll be my guide for how I capture your session.

Downtown LA Urban Mom

Let’s look at this downtown Los Angeles urban creative concept session and how we went about the planning process. 

This was the second time I was shooting this mom. The first time around was her maternity session. Now we were shooting for her son’s 1 year birthday. I wanted the shoot to be unique  so I suggested an urban shoot in DTLA to better fit her vibe. I already had the perfect location in mind - the Walt Disney Concert Hall. I knew we could play with the funky architecture, light and reflections to get the right vibe.  

She is a NYC native and city streets and concrete jungles have always felt like home to her. You could catch her walking down the city streets of downtown LA on her Instagram, usually rockin’ some fresh shades and pushing the stroller in editorial fashion. We knew this session needed to be all things edgy and editorial. I created a visual art board which included pictures from her Instagram, Pinterest pictures of editorial fashion shoots with mom and baby, and past pictures I had from Walt Disney Concert Hall

Check out the final visual art we created, and if you have an idea of your own or want to book a downtown urban Los Angeles family session, contact me here! I would love to work with you! 


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